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Understanding of hypertension

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Understanding of hypertension
About 95% of patients with high blood pressure without any definite cause, this is called essential hypertension. When we talk about high blood pressure, we often talk about the type of essential hypertension. And secondary hypertension is a kind of hypertension caused by the potential disease.
Risk factors for hypertension
Essential hypertension has the characteristics of family heredity. If your parents or brothers and sisters have high blood pressure, you may be more likely to get the disease. Many organs and systems are related to the regulation of blood pressure, and the genetic diseases of any one of them can promote the development of hypertension.
Being overweight has the characteristics of family heredity, which may also be part of the genetic causes of high blood pressure in the family. Studies have indicated that 6 of the 10 adult patients with high blood pressure were 20% or more overweight. If you are overweight, your blood pressure may be higher than normal. For young people, the impact of weight on blood pressure even more obvious, the age of 20 to 44 years of age over 5 times the risk of high blood pressure is normal, but 45 years of age and over weight of people think the disease is only 2 times the normal people. In a 5 year study of adults who had normal blood pressure or high blood pressure, it is likely that people who continue to raise blood pressure are likely to be overweight. And from the other side, only 5 kg of body weight can lower blood pressure.
The American Heart Association has officially moving column as a cause of hypertension, myocardial infarction and stroke the four highest risk factors. Even if you don’t have any weight, you can increase your chances of developing high blood pressure. Remember, whether you have been training in the gym, gardening, doing housework, jogging or walking, you are exercising your cardiovascular system, which will help you work more effectively and lower your blood pressure.
Black people with high blood pressure are almost 2 times more than whites. It affects more than 1/3 of African Americans, and they are more than 2/3 of the people are more than 60 years of age. The elderly black women had the highest incidence of hypertension. Hypertension is the second cause of death in more than 65000 African Americans every year. Black patients with high blood pressure are older than whites (especially in women), and are usually more severe. African Americans have higher rates of stroke, heart disease and kidney failure associated with high blood pressure. In the United States, black women live under the weight of a low income, high crime rate and high unemployment, so their blood pressure is higher than those living in a low pressure environment.
Blood pressure usually increases with age, especially in women. Women had less hypertension before menopause, and they were more likely to have hypertension after menopause. In the elderly, blood pressure is increased because of the deposition of the arterial elasticity and strength of the situation deteriorated, increase the arterial occlusion, reduce the body’s ability to maintain the balance of water and sodium, and caused a reduction in the physical function and the overall health level. Older people may also have other health problems, such as diabetes or high cholesterol. They often take one or more of the drug every day, and some of them may be up to high blood pressure. Many older people have a higher systolic blood pressure, but they are normal, which may make it difficult for them to realize the seriousness of the problem.
Smoking is associated with many serious health problems, so it’s likely that it will increase the risk of high blood pressure. Chemicals in tobacco can damage the inner wall of the arteries and make them more prone to clogging. And nicotine is a strong irritant, it will affect the control of the heart and blood vessels. When these cells are stimulated, the heart rate increases, and the arteries are contracting, leading to higher blood pressure. Smoking is associated with an increase in the number of total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and a decrease in the number of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.
Even smoking and tobacco can increase the risk of developing hypertension. Tobacco contains nicotine, sodium and licorice, all of which are raised in high blood pressure. Nicotine in tobacco smoke to more than ordinary cigarettes, each containing sodium 200-1200 milligrams per day (the doctor recommended that people do not consume more than 2400 mg of sodium per day), while the natural licorice will be through the body to protect sodium to raise blood pressure.
Alcohol can also lead to high blood pressure, especially if you’re taking a lot of alcohol. In a for more than 8, 000 adult studies, high blood pressure occurred in daily drink 1-2 glasses of wine of the male body, and for women, elevated blood pressure occurred three or more cups of wine drinking in some Yuan every day. 1 glasses of wine (350 grams of beer) about 13 grams of alcohol. And the study shows that if you take over 20-24 grams of alcohol per day, the blood pressure will continue to rise, which is not related to the type of alcoholic drinks.
In addition, a lot of people under the weight of the people will suffer from high blood pressure. Stress is a result of the imbalance in the material or spiritual needs and the ability to deal with these imbalances in your body. Stress can cause a number of chemical changes in the body, and blood pressure is a result of these chemical changes. General blood pressure is only temporary, and will return to normal after stress. And the nature of the relationship between stress and hypertension in some people is still under study.