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Blood pressure regulation


How to overcome hypertension3Blood pressure regulation
You may think that only the heart is responsible for high blood pressure, but in fact, many of the organs and the chemicals they produce are related to hypertension. Because it involves so many human systems, the researchers have not yet determined the exact cause of the high blood pressure. Blood pressure may be affected by any effect on the amount of heart output (the amount of blood flowing out of the heart) or the amount of peripheral resistance (blood flow in the blood vessel) or the change in the two things.
What is high blood pressure
Although all the tissues, nerve cells and chemical information are usually co – working to maintain normal blood pressure, the perfect system of checks and balances is disrupted in some human. Their blood pressure will always be high, even though their body does not require this extra pressure on the distribution of oxygen and nutrients. Some studies suggest that this persistent hypertension is essential hypertension, the most common type of hypertension. And if blood pressure rises because other diseases or take drugs, this is the secondary hypertension or disease associated hypertension (hypertension caused by the disease).
In fact, there is no clear boundary between normal blood pressure and high blood pressure. For many years, doctors have defined high blood pressure on the basis of medical experience. Doctors have examined thousands of patients with different blood pressure levels, thereby determining who is at the top of the highest risk of physical injury and disease. Based on years of accumulation of information, the United States national high blood pressure, the assessment and treatment of the Joint Committee (JNC) developed a blood pressure guidelines to help people to monitor the risk of hypertension and high blood pressure on the health of the negative impact.