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How to control blood pressure in patients with hypertension

It is said that patients with hypertension should pay attention to the control of blood pressure, but how can we effectively control blood pressure? Some patients may think, as long as the medication can control blood pressure, some think that the side effects of drugs, through diet, exercise and other means can also control blood pressure. In fact, the above mentioned are common methods of hypertension control, they are complementary to each other, are indispensable.
Hypertension patients how to control blood pressure?
1 to control blood pressure to regularly measure blood pressure
If there is a family history of patients, be sure to pay attention to regular checks, at home to the volume of blood pressure. In addition, prevention is better than cure and hypertension tend younger, if it is the lifestyle is not the law, often smoking, drinking, obesity high-risk groups should also be regular measurement of blood pressure, once found elevated blood pressure, timely control.
2 control blood pressure to maintain a cheerful mood
Bad psychology is not conducive to the control of blood pressure, easy to cause fluctuations in blood pressure. Therefore, patients with hypertension to everything to open, do not get angry, failing to self decomposition, learn tolerance and understanding, develop an optimistic character, cheerful mood is beneficial to the body health and blood pressure control.
3 adherence to medication is a necessary condition for the control of blood pressure
If you want to control blood pressure, you must adhere to medication. Because high blood pressure is still an irreversible chronic disease, it can only be controlled with antihypertensive drugs. But do not stop after the blood pressure stable without stopping drugs or drugs, it is possible to cause unstable blood pressure, blood pressure once suddenly elevated, it is bound to pose a threat to life. Therefore, adherence to medication is a necessary condition to control blood pressure.
4 low fat and low salt diet to control blood pressure
The principle of diet in patients with high blood pressure is low fat, low salt, low fat, low salt diet to reduce the burden of the heart, but also conducive to the control of blood pressure, so in the diet should pay attention to, as far as possible to eat light food. Of course, light diet is not a vegetarian, to ensure balanced nutrition, to ensure the control of blood pressure at the same time, and will not affect the health.
5 good prevention is the prerequisite for control of blood pressure
Prevention is also a prerequisite for control of blood pressure, young people want to quit drinking, pay attention to their weight, overweight people want to lose weight. At the same time, a reasonable diet, do not eat too heavy for a long time to eat the food, work and rest rules, to take a reasonable way of exercise, strengthen physical exercise. After lifestyle changes, blood pressure is still high, it should be immediately to the hospital for treatment.