Read out accurate blood pressure reading skills

Read out accurate blood pressure reading skills

Lead to mispronounce the readings from one of the most important reasons is to neglect the cuff size. Size does not fit the cuff back causing false readings. Cuff air bags should be wide enough to cover the whole area from the armpit to the elbow. Sleeve length with air bags a week to fully wrap around your arm, to allow room for a few centimeters. When you buy a home blood pressure monitor, to determine whether there is a suitable for your arm cuff air bags. Cuff air bags are listed in the following table of standard size, it will help you pick out the sphygmomanometer cuff with air bags is most suitable.
Cuff size airbags standard
Distance between shoulder and elbow cuff air bag size
< 33.0 cm 13.0~23.0 cm 33.0~40.0 cm 15.0~33.0 cm >40.0 cm 18.0~35.5 cm

Blood pressure readings you need to think about what to wear. Wear short sleeves or sleeves f-sudden easy to roll up the clothes best. Measurements under the sleeve must be rolled up, otherwise it may affect blood pressure readings.

Normally, blood pressure readings, stand, sit or lie down Park row is nothing. Elderly, diabetic or taking certain medications (such as antihypertensives and drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease) who stand measuring blood pressure blood pressure readings may be lower. This is called orthostatic hypotension. Doctors often measure the blood pressure of patients in different postures to determine whether this is a causal factors. However, the blood pressure is measured in the calmness when sitting.

High blood pressure in the morning than the afternoon or evening. Talk will elevate blood pressure and tension can elevate blood pressure before the measurement. If you’re in a hurry to a meeting, Han it immediately when you get there to measure blood pressure readings may be increased.

Smoking and drinking of caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, and Cola) can affect blood pressure in 2-3 hours. Intake a lot of salt in the blood pressure will not change in the short term, but over time may affect blood pressure ( In the elder’s blood pressure drops after meals.

Measuring blood pressure at home may be slightly lower than the blood pressure measured at a clinic. When you measure blood pressure at home (especially if you’re at home for the first time have detected blood pressure), there is a good way is to do 2 or 3 measurements. Doctor may pick out the ‘ told you at a different time of day (morning and evening) to measure their own blood pressure, to judge the impact of the drugs you use. When you were diagnosed with high blood pressure for the first time, or when you start your treatment options (especially drug treatment program) when you make any changes, or if you are receiving the treatment of another disease, you’d better always measure your blood pressure. In normal circumstances f, when after your blood pressure is well controlled, you need only checks the blood pressure every 1 week or each month.

In supermarkets, drugstores and other public areas and electronic blood pressure monitoring device is very convenient to operate, but they did not completely replace the old-style blood pressure monitor, because these instruments too sensitive on f the hand or arm movement, they measure the accuracy of blood pressure readings is not very high. But these instruments the yin to raise public awareness about blood-pressure monitor is still very useful. If you use this instrument measured i0i I sell is high, you should go to the doctor to check your blood pressure.

For some seniors, with any instrument measure blood pressure accurately is very difficult, because as they grow older, the artery will slowly harden, so that there will be false high blood pressure, not the arteries by the pressure standard blood pressure monitor and accurately measured. The arterial pulse faint (accurate reading difficult), lift the arms up (flush with the shoulders) before measuring the blood pressure may help.

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