Good ways to treat high blood pressure

Good ways to treat high blood pressure


Treatment of high blood pressure, in addition to taking another good method
Points: on both sides of sanyinjiao, hanging Bell cave


Methods: patients during high pressure high blood pressure, with a smallhealth on both sides of the hammer sanyinjiao; low pressure when high blood pressure is high, with a small hammer hanging Bell point on both sides ofhealth care if a sharp increase in blood pressure, it is immediately in twoblood letting in ear apex.


Life, subject to certain advertising misleading, many people think thathypertension is cured, can only rely on blood pressure drugs for life. Then,simply do not want to try some traditional Chinese medicine therapies. They don’t know that, in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, hypertensionis controlled.


According to TCM theory, high blood pressure is caused by humans through aircirculation disorders, so just deal with points, by gas back onto the right track of circulation disorders, there are obvious effects.
I, for one, used to treat high blood pressure. One was 98 years old young man, he used to take two or three years of blood pressure medication.Looking for my consultation, I analyzed his symptoms, found what he said wasthe traditional Chinese medicine of liver Qi and using traditional Chinese medicine prescription shengjiang. After he took 3 posts, completely returnto normal blood pressure and condition has not repeated since. Another was amore than 40-year old woman, she has nearly 15 years of a history ofhypertension. I gave her the method is Acupuncture needles, acupunctureevery other day, needle for about two hours at a time, needle twosanyinjiao, for about six months, she would not have anotherantihypertensive drug.


Experiences in diagnosis for so many years, I found that there are two waysof treating high blood pressure and high pressure high low high effectiveand high blood pressure.


Treatment of hypertension in high pressure and high: knocking on both sidesof sanyinjiao acupoint


Stimulating effect of sanyinjiao actually works better than many blood pressure medicine, there are no side effects. In humans, this point is thethree Yin meridians of foot (footjueyin liver channel, foottaiyin spleen,and kidney meridian of footshaoyin) Willow point, which has a greatrelationship with hypertension and liver storing blood, spleen and blood andkidney essence, essence and blood.
Therefore, most suffer from high pressure in patients with hypertension, area common feature, that is, sanyinjiao acupuncture point particularlysensitive, with thumb press, immediately have the feeling of pain orswelling. Rub on time every day as long as you have this feeling there isproof of sanyinjiao effect of lowering blood pressure. But if you did notfeel when pressing, you should be careful, this illustrates your point isslowly failure, so you need to increase the efforts to massage every dayfor more than 10 minutes, let it revitalize it.


Treatment of low pressure high blood pressure: percussion on both sidessuspended Bell point


Many types of antihypertensive drugs are on the market now, and most of themare high pressure, low pressure drop, easily lead to a series ofcomplications, many friends from the risk of high blood pressure and askedme: is there a safer and more effective drugs, also designed to reducepressure?


I tell them: there is! That‘s hanging clock points.


Hanging clock points are points on the gall bladder, which specialize incollections of human bone marrow, cord blood, so this points to dredge thechannels and collaterals, Qi and blood of extremely powerful, called thebody naturally decrease the pressure medicine.


Sanyinjiao and hanging clock, two baby points you must knock every day, forat least 10 minutes at a time, and beat the time to pay attention, too smallto be not up to the expected results. If the point had no sense of pain,then you should increase accordingly.


A sharp increase in blood pressure when


Because emotion, fatigue and other reasons, friends suffers from high blood pressure is easy to sharply increase in blood pressure, dizziness, headache,discomfort, which can also lead to cerebrovascular rupture, causinghemiplegia due to stroke, and other serious consequences. Therefore, we musttake urgent measures to pressure when the blood pressure, so as to avoidaccidents.


Until the times of high blood pressure has increased dramatically, and thenknock points sanyinjiao and suspended clock is a bit far. In fact, in theexternal treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a mostconvenient, fast, and that two blood letting in ear apex.


Tips is the place where human blood is relatively weak, was the place whereblood is very easy to block, as long as the pitchers have to dredge, and canslow down the rapid rise of blood pressure and head pressure.
Friends have high blood pressure, at home preparing some acupuncture withtriangular needle or the hospital uses disposable Lancet, remember inadvance must be to disinfect needles. In urgent cases, no disinfectantaround and above the needle, then use needle on the fire to burn out aswell.


After the blood letting in ear apex, blood pressure rises rapidly. Then tapsanyinjiao, or hanging clock points will be able to consolidate the results.

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