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High blood pressure can accelerate aging of the brain do?

High blood pressure can accelerate aging of the brain do?
Hypertension is the most common chronic cardiovascular diseases, but also inducedstroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure, renal failure and other important causesof disease. At present mainly through health prevention in the elderly hypertensionand comprehensive measures, including through the use of antihypertensive drugs to control blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause accelerated aging of the brain do? See below boutique Mall in Australia, experts say.


Hypertension is characterized by elevated arterial pressure, may be associated with the heart, blood vessels, brain and kidney and other organ function or organic changes of systemic diseases, it has a distinction between essential hypertension and secondary hypertension. Hypertension for many reasons, can be divided into genetic and environmental aspects.


Germany scientists found that high blood pressure can make the normal aging process of the human brain quickly, thus the risk of Alzheimer‘s disease in patients with hypertension may be higher than the average person.


When people step into middle age, brain nerve cells decrease weight, began to wither. Germany Max Planck Institute Institute of education wuerman·lindengbeigeer Professor and his colleagues selected a total of 72 adults between the ages of 20-70 as the object of study, some people suffer from high blood pressure.


Studied in 11 of the 12 regions of the human brain volume appeared to narrow. In the patients of hypertension, regions such as the hippocampus atrophy associated with the memory in particular, and the long history of high blood pressure, cerebral atrophy is more obvious.

Lindenberger said that high blood pressure is more dangerous than people think, and risk of Alzheimer‘s disease in patients with hypertension is more likely. At present, the Lindenberger step experiment is working with colleagues, study the relationship between brain changes and mental changes.
Australian boutique Mall tips: hypertension has become a common middle-aged,multiple chronic conditions, and it is difficult to eradicate. But Vaughn can control blood pressure by taking fish oil, cardiovascular and kidney health.

The principles of diet therapy for high blood pressure

High blood pressure diet treatment which patients whom?
First of all, hypertension diet to maintain the net high low, high protein, and high inpotassium, calcium and vitamin c, low salt, low fat, low cholesterol.
Three high feed containing protein, potassium and calcium food, protein and vitaminc can improve the elasticity of blood vessels, improves cerebral blood flow and promote sodium excretion, play a role in lowering blood pressure.
Hypertension should be more protein in your diet, the best half of animal protein, such as fish, lean meat, the rest is protein, such as beans and soy products, especiallyfish protein intake should be increased. A recent study pointed out that lifting all kinds of amino acids in a protein and blood pressure, and certain amino acids such as taurine, have lower blood pressure effect of methionine. Therefore, consuming protein is particularly necessary, some of this protein in the fish more.
Potassium can adjust the proportion of intracellular sodium and potassium, and experimental studies have shown that increasing can promote Renal Sodium excretionof potassium, reduce sodium and water retention, thus reducing blood volume, reduce the pressure of blood against the blood vessel walls. It is worth noting some hypertensive patients to keep taking diuretics. Antihypertensive drugs, so seeding increased urine, potassium along with discharge, lower the possibility of even moreso, patients taking these medications, should pay more attention to the potassiumrich foods, mainly beef, fish and lean meat, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, cucumbersand cabbage, etc.
The new concept of highcalcium diets is the buck, some scholars believe that the lack of calcium and parathyroid hormone related. Parathyroid produces a polypeptideHuang can increase blood pressure, known as induced factors of hypertension. , Socalcium supplements can lower blood pressure. Patients with hypertension should eat more foods with high calcium, such as dairy, legumes, fish, kelp, mustard and sesame. Especially in drinking 400g~500g grams of milk per day, plus some green leafy vegetables, can meet the dietary calcium intake of a standard supply. Worth noting is that have high calcium and hypertension, not in favor of routine calcium supplementation to prevent increase the chance of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.
Three low is to eat less salt, fats, cholesterolcontaining foods.
We also mentioned that ingredients are salt, sodium chloride, salt intake, will makethe body sodium and water retention, leading to vascular smooth muscle swelling, increase blood vessel Zong pick resistance, and blood meal cuan stamp look f exposure heart and kidney burden step lead to loopholes in sodium excretion in drop, thereby raising blood pressure. Point worth mentioning here is that high blood pressure patients to eat less MSG, MSG is Msg. Glutamate is one of the amino acids required for oxidative metabolism in brain tissue, to improve the maintenance of brain function, reduced blood ammonia levels plays an important role, but MSG containing sodium, its drawbacks and salt and, therefore, high blood pressure patients to eat MSG.
Because of the low fat and cholesterol should be, hypertension, lipid metabolism, including the increase in total lipids, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and abnormalfatty acid synthesis, as well as, the nose of a lipoprotein phospholipids increase anda reduction in lipoprotein lytic enzymes, related to the occurrence of atherosclerosisand fat intake. Therefore, the lowfat diet in patients with hypertension, not only limit the amount of cholesterol problems, more saturated fatty acids in animal fat, can increase the fatty acid and cholesterol, hypertension patients must use lowfat, lowcholesterol diet, try to eat more vegetable oil containing unsaturated fatty acids, fatty foods and eat less animal fat.
Secondly, hypertension diet to eating more dietary fibre foods, dietary fiber is not digested by digestive enzymes in food ingredients especially was hailed. BI nutrition specialist. Food reaches the large intestine intact fibre after the game BU will excreteit can sodium in foods, excreted with feces. Cellulose can also be slow food
The absorption of fats, glucose, reduce blood fat and blood glucose levels, improvedsugar content, reduces cholesterol in the blood, since cellulose can shorten, Divisionof food through the gastrointestinal tract 1, so as to reduce intestinal cholesterol absorption debt, meanwhile, also boosts the activity of cellulose, accelerate the decomposition of cholesterol. Vegetable content of dietary fiber in around 1%. We usually think stems and leaves after FRY vegetables may be more tasty, but cold and cooked for protection of dietary fiber would be better.
Finally, the food intake is also important in patients with hypertension, hypertensivepatients cannot eat too much per meal, so as to avoid the burden of heart and digestive system, and raise blood pressure and digestive tract adverse. Increased blood flow so the digestive system, to increase the cardiac output, heart rate, when after the stomach in patients with hypertension, would make the burdens of the heart, heart rate up will cause blood pressure to rise. In addition, if you eat too much, the volume of the stomach increases, uplift pressure diaphragm at the bottom of the stomach, the chest becomes small, heart and lung function is affected, then patients will experience heart palpitations, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and other symptoms, and cause hypoxia. The old saying goes, diet often stay third in hunger. Three meals a day diet total amount control in daily ground kcal (8968 for Coke) Kui , Ileft raw food ~ gluten ferret animal protein and plant protein half, especially dinnereat seven is OK, weight control in Mong Kok where possible range two overeating, is bound to lead to excess nutrients and fertilizers. Sunart pressure in obesity prevalence is very high. Researchers found that obese people more likely to develop high blood pressure is normal weight Hai tank. Weight control is very important in patients with high blood pressure.